The Great Forest II - (A man and his chicken)

The wonderful house you see in this photo is located in Brian, Eraclea (VE), surrounded by rice fields

In the golden fields on the southern edge of the great forest, a man walked down the road with his chicken.
Around him, in contrast to the multiform large forest, the fields were perfectly squared. The wheat blended brightly in the warm breeze.
The sun was burning despite the wide-brimmed hat he wore. Perhaps he should have worn the straw hat, instead of this grey one that was a little too heavy for the day.
He was now far from home, so he kept his hat - at least to protect himself from the hot rays - and also his white shirt with the sleeves turned up, the suspenders that held the grey trousers. And sandals.
He and his beautiful chicken, with the burnished feathers, the impertinent crest, red as the fire, the spitful gaze and the sharp beak.
They reached a crossroads.
He turned to aim for the big forest, northwards. But the chicken got agitated. The eyes of the man stared curiously at the chicken. Then their eyes followed.
Just a moment. It appeared and then disappeared.
A shadow on the road. A disturbing shadow. With horns and claws.
The chicken was so frightened of it that it started running along the perfectly straight avenue towards the great forest.
The man came back from amazement and was behind him.
It took him more than an hour to reach him. At the same time the chicken had ventured into the thick of the trees.
He grabbed him as he tried to take a leap and reach the lower branches of a chestnut tree.
The man looked around.
He did not had the time to despair, or turn around to look for his way back, or to do anything else. A pink flash had caught his attention. He placed the chicken on the ground where he started to peck around.
"Hey you!".
The voice came from somewhere in front of the man. A sweet and powerful voice at once.
"Who's there?"
"Rose is my name. Who are you that crosses the boundaries of the great forest?"
"Taros is my name. My chicken accompanies me. He is Ares."
"Come on, you must help me reach the heart of the forest. We must go to the long silver-haired queen, sitting on the stone throne on top of the old plane tree.
"Luckily I met you! It would have been tiring, long and dangerous. But now there's Taros and his chicken."
"But I can't... my family is waiting for me at home."
"You'll explain when you get back! Come on!"
"And how do you know I don't have bad intentions?
"Because you're bringing a chicken with you!"
"Show yourself."