The Great Forest III - (The not freezing pond)

Here in the north the fairies are very different from those living in the south of the great forest.
First of all, they are much bigger. The adult specimens reach one and a half metres. They all have thin bodies; dark skin and black or brown hair.
Due to their considerable size, they cannot fly. They don't even have wings.
They live in a land where everything is covered with snow for six months. Summer lasts two months, but it's never really hot.
Their main task is to take care of plants and animals. They protect the trunks from the icy winds that blow often and vigorously during the night.
But during the day there are also times when the air stops.
Everything is then silent. The snow absorbs the noises and gives them back different, muffled. Less clear in some way.
Then the fairies gather in small groups and dance. With their delicate feet, they float on the surface of frozen lakes and ponds.
Mèra lives near the pond at the foot of the mountains. The day is cool, the sun shines through the vegetation.
The shoes move gently on the snow, leaving no visible marks.
She walks on her toes like a ballet dancer. And like a ballet dancer, she is dressed. But her skirt is not of tulle, but of rose petals, red as the shoes and the wide headband that holds her hair.
She moves forward lightly, enjoying the fresh air and the scent of the snowy forest.
When she finally reaches the pond, she sees three fairies on the shore. One is sitting and the others stand beside her.
"Oh Mèra! Luckily you've arrived! Look at the pond. It's not frozen."
Irsa, the seated fairy, is all wet and trembling with cold. Mèra approaches the shore. She stretch one leg out on the surface of the pond, which immediately ripples.
"Mèra, quick, you have to run to the queen of the forest. Something is not right!".
Says Lizia.
"We will take care of your garden. If you leave today, you will arrive within four weeks."
Adds Risa.
The three fairies look at her with apprehension.
"So be it."
Mèra turns and leaves for the heart of the big forest to look for the queen on her stone throne on top of the old plane tree and ask her for advice.