The Great Forest IV - (She who swells the grapes)

"Shhhhh... Look at that! That's what fairies do when they get old and lose their wings."
"Do they swell the grapes?"
The man and the fairy watched secretly in a clearing. A small fairy, old and engobetic, stood next to the bunch of grapes with the biggest grapes Taros had ever seen. Each one was the size of a mandarin.
The old fairy's hair was as blue as the sky. She was bent forward because of the hump in the center of her back. She wore a long red coat with sumptuous embroidery on her arms and torso. On her head was a hood that also covered their chin and opened onto a face they couldn't see.
With what looked like a tiny bicycle pump to the man, she was swelling up grapes. If before they appeared as shriveled and aged raisins, after her treatment they were full to burst, juicy and almost transparent.
"Venerable Fairty, could you show my friend with his chicken and me, how much longer to reach the queen of the great forest?"
Rose had approached the curved figure and spoke to her with her sweet voice exuding respect.
But when the old fairy raised her head, they saw she couldn't speak. Her lips were joined by stitches, as if someone had sewn them together. In this way she looked like a cloth doll.
She looked at them from under the hood. Her eyes were half hidden.
She stretched out one of her arms behind her and pointed with her tiny index finger.
The fairy and the man with his chicken continued in that direction without adding anything else.
"Why did you call it fairty?"
"Because that's what fairies call themselves when they lose their wings. Because fairy is light while faorty is heavier. Because they no longer fly. Do you understand?"
"Not really."
"It's not important. Come on! We still have a long way to go before we reach the old forest queen's plane tree!”