The Great Forest VI (the marten, her egg and the petulant cat)

"I told you this egg is mine!"
"How many times do I have to tell you that you are a stone marten and that animals like you only do one thing with eggs: they stick their teeth in it and eat them sucking from the holes they made in it. You can't make your own eggs."
"You will repeat it as long as you wish, for I know for certain that this egg is mine!"
"But you can't be stupid enough to believe that your son will be born from that egg! I wonder where you stole it from. From the size I'd say it's a massive land albatross. Let it go, we'd better eat it."
"Stop it now, you damn cat! I could never eat my son!"
"Then you're really stupid! Silly pumpkin, that's what you are! You walk around with an egg in your hand looking for a place to hatch it, in broad daylight even…"
"Yes, because that's how I want to do it!"
"This sun is killing me! It's very hot even inside this forest. My hair will dry out. The black will fade and will no longer shine in the sun. And humans will no longer feed me because I will be too ugly. And it's all your fault! We could, I don't know.... Hey, somebody's coming!"
"I heard"
"Sounds like a human. Hide. Hey! I said hide! How can we not be noticed if you stand right next to the path, between the roots of a tree? You won't be...? Don't do it! But why do you have to hatch the egg right now? A human is coming!"
"Why don't you go hide yourself, if you're so scared, instead of perching on my tail like you've been doing for hours? Besides, aren't you the one who always talks about humans?"
"Humans are stupid. I need them because they always have food and shelters for hot days. But here they come. Too late to hide."

"Good morning, madam marten. Good morning, Mr. Cat. Rose is my name. These are Taros and his chicken Ares."
"Good morning to you. Kahla is my name and these is Lènor, a very petulant cat."
"I am not petulant at all. You are the one who is absurd! What do a fairy, a man and a chicken do in the middle of the big forest?"
"And what are a stone marten and a cat doing around in broad daylight?"
"Forgive him, Taros. This cat really has an impertinent tongue. I'm hatching my egg. Yes, don't make that face, chicken! This is my egg! My son! The cat perched on my tail this morning and never came down."
"What an absurd stupidity! Even a chicken like me knows that the only thing a marten would do with an egg is put the sharp teeth in it and drink the contents!
"Thank you for your support, dear Ares. I've been trying to make her understand this for hours!"
"Just because almost all the martens would do as you say, doesn't mean that there can't be someone different. I have generated this egg and I intend to hatch it until my son is born!"
"Stubborn! So Taros, you know our intentions. But you have not yet told us what carries you in the heart of the forest."
"You're right... forgive us. My race is distrustful because of history. We're going to the big plane tree to talk to the queen."
"You are almost there. Let me come with you. I would also like to talk to the queen. To get to the bottom of this egg-matter and silence this petulant cat, if nothing else."
"Very well. Let's go then!"
"I'm coming too, huh!"
"Of course Lènor! I had no doubt, since you don't want to get out of my tail."
"On the march, then. If as you say we are close, I can't wait to reach the stone throne on the old plane tree."