The Great Forest VII - (The queen of the forest)

The beech marten - the egg under one leg and the cat on the tail - climbed the tree jumping from one branch to another climbing with its claws.
The fairy flew slowly, waiting for her partner.
The chicken opened its wings and jumped one branch after the other.
But Taros was slow. He climbed one branch at a time with extreme caution. He was afraid to fall, having neither claws nor wings.
After a time that seemed endless, they reached the highest point.
The branches on the top were opened, and only one remained upright. On it, a stone throne dominated the forest from above, in all directions. On that sunny day, one could see the whitewashed peaks to the north, at the foot of the mountains. While to the south, from afar, golden reflections came to recall the wheat of the fields.
In the middle: green. Dark, light, emerald, myrtle, fern, sea, moss, olive, swamp, pine, spring.
The little fairy took a long breath enjoying the fresh air in the hot sun.
The stone throne was much smaller than Ares would have expected. But after all, if the queen was a fairy, she needed a small throne.
The cat, Lènor, had nothing to say for the first time.
Kahla stared at the queen's very long hair. They were at least seven times longer than her body.
Taros was speechless. When he turned to the queen, he noticed a long telescope that he hypothesized would be used to see even the farthest parts of the forest. And then he saw the queen's face. It was ploughed by so many wrinkles that her lips were confused with them. Her eyelids fell downwards and her eyes were hardly visible.
She had her chin resting on the back of one of her hands. On the contrary, they were as smooth as those of a child.
She wore a long blue tunic.
They approached and she looked at them one by one.
They bowed and the queen called them all by name. Then she began to speak.
However, she was immediately interrupted by the arrival of a northern fairy and a Ray Monkey.
"Welcome to Mèra, fairy of the northern ponds, and welcome to Karad, inhabitant of the Tree House. Here in front of me are: Rose, southern fairy; Taros, with his chicken Ares - they come from the southern fields - Kahla, the brooding beech marten; Lènor, a petulant cat.
"I have watched you from afar. Each of you is here for a specific purpose. Each of you is waiting for an answer. But I am not the one you are looking for. You must continue your journey to the Rock of the paper pigeons. There you all will find what has led you to set out on your journey".
And so they left the high stone throne and the long silver-haired queen on the old plane tree in the heart of the great forest.